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What are we looking for in a ‘Contributor’ to the ‘Toe-in-the-Water’ Radio Show?

Well, we are looking for someone who can work well in a stressful situation – for peanuts.

We are glancing sideways for someone who can laugh when all around them are crying and who doesn’t see the incongruity of it.

However, we are not looking for someone who cries when all around them are laughing – whether they see incongruities or not.

Musical talent is a must for musical contributors.

As is comedic ability for the comedical contributors.

And, comic timing wouldn’t go amiss for everybody!

We seek someone – or someones – with written or spoken material of their own creation. Usually this will be in English, but it does depend on how we are feeling – we have been known to use various non-English lingerature at times.

That’s me! How do I contribute?

If you can record your words in the format of an MP3, WAV or even more modern formats, we would love to receive them from you. But, please be aware that the TitWRS team reserves the right to ‘tweak’ your contribution slightly with SFX (sound effects), AA (atmospheric additions – for example, putting the sounds of the sea behind a poem about shopping trollies) or OTTWFLD (other things that we feel like doing). But, we don’t do anything to ruin the integrity of your work without telling you first.

“They changed my perception about life, the universe and everything.”A previously serious listener

If you are unsure what sort of things would be suitable:
Listen (again) to the first 8 (eight) episodes of the ‘Toe-in-the-Water’ Radio Show (TitWRS) which are available to listen to at:
The Toe in the Water Radio Show
We have decided that we like things that are a couple (or a few) minutes long. What if your stuff (technical term) is shorter or longer?
We would like lots of contributions and have a choice of things to work with. The length of a piece can be shorter, or longer, or exactly two minutes long – we are aware that to set a specific time for a piece is not allowing for the poetic licence to be given free reign. And why set too many perimeters? Perambulators? Parameters?
Sending us things

Please contact us via the web site, or email us at: hello(at) This will result in our receiving your email, us responding, and a communication entailing.
Other things
Let us know if you need to know more. We can then tailor our wants to your needs and your wants to our needs, your needs to our needs, and our wants to your wants. We can do that.
We can’t wait to hear, and hear from, you.

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