The story behind the silliness

It begins…

The ‘Toe-in-the-Water’ Radio Show (TitWRS) is a show unlike any other show!

Actually, we’re quite sure that it’s similar in parts to some other radio shows.

We’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for some of the words that are used in TitWRS.

And some of the songs may have a hint of songs that have gone before; although, most, are so original as to be works of art by their creators.

We reserve the right to be vague as to which words and which songs we are referring to in the previous paragraph.

It is fair to say that vagueness is one of our numerous strengths – along with our strong sense of humour and willingness to try and then try again before we give up and go for a coffee.

Lots of the contributors to Episodes 1 to 8 are proud of their involvement. Some even remember it.

However, once you have experienced some of the memorable characters, sketches and even ‘po-et-ry cor-ner!’ you may never feel the same again.

  • Totton

  • Southampton

  • Romsey

  • Merrymeet

  • Australia

  • Newton Abbott

  • New York (Honest, guv!)